How does a Neighborhood Watch work?

Over the years, and as technology has advanced, LMTNWA Coordinators have taken different approaches to managing their Watch, providing communication, and requesting “participation” from their members. Each Neighborhood and Watch will have its own character and design – the Lower Makefield Neighborhood Watch Association welcomes all types!

  • For some Watches, members “participate” by providing the Coordinator with email addresses and phone numbers (home, cell, work) of all occupants of the home. In many cases, special considerations regarding language, blindness, oxygen usage, and health of occupants is also communicated to the Coordinator as this information may be useful in the event of an emergency or if suspicious activity is detected. The Coordinator agrees to keep all information confidential and regularly update the information. Members in turn agree to notify the Coordinator of any changes to their information.
  •  For many other Watches, members “participate” by simply signing up to receive emails of the LMTNWA Weekly Crime Reports, and no information is gathered of the occupants of the home.
  •  Many Watches also chose to implement a phone call, email, or text chain, or utilize a neighborhood social media platform so that notifications can be made quickly should there be a break-in in one of the homes in the neighborhood or other criminal activity. This alerts members to check their homes and make sure they are secure, and to think of whether they noticed anything out of the ordinary which might help the police apprehend the perpetrators.

Many Neighborhood Watches purchase and install Neighborhood Watch Signs and many hold community events for their Neighborhoods such as social and/or educational events – all funded by Neighborhood donations.