The Lower Makefield Township Association (LMTNWA) was formed with the goal of increasing awareness within the community of events of interest, criminal and otherwise, that affect local residents, as well as establishing regular dialogue with the Lower Makefield Police Department in support of a safer community.

LMTNWA is currently comprised of 40 smaller Neighborhood or Development Watches, each with one or more Coordinators. These Coordinators meet on a regular basis with the Lower Makefield Township Police Department Officials to keep abreast of happenings in the township and discuss issues of concern.

Recent Update

  • LOWER MAKEFIELD POLICE MEDICINE RETURN DROP BOX I would like to thank the residents of Lower Makefield Township that have taken the time to visit and use the Drug Take Back bin that is located inside the lobby at Police Headquarters. As a reminder, there are several things that we ask that you DO NOT DEPOSIT